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Cylene is a confederal diarchy in the north western part of Borealia, an island in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The kingdom covers three autonomous states, housing three ethnical groups speaking five different languages.

Cylene is somewhat bigger than Belgium and its capital is Ceylynn, chosen because of its central character in the Cylenian culture. The most important cities however are Scona and Daestro, the two biggest cities of the country.

Due to an assault by a foreign terrorist organization, Cylene is now partly ruled by the 20-year old queen Celestine, having beautiful long fiery red hair and therefore seen as a quite rebellious queen.

Queen Celestine of Nionia and Svalingen, as of 2015


Some Cylenian proverbs

The Cylenian language is one of many nuances and context-dependency because of its mythological origin. There are many ways to express such nuances and therefore the Cylenian people use a lot of proverbs. The most common proverbs are listed below.

"To see Maró" – to faint; to die; to be among the stars again. Maró is the Guardian Nymph of Night and therefore also related to darkness and death.

"To meet Lilith" – to have intercourse, to be defourished. Lilith or Lily is the Nymph of Lust and related to pleasure, fun and desire.

"For everyone there is a Noën" – In the end everything will be alright. Life isn't fair, but it goes on. Don't give up, life has so much more... Noën is the Cylenian word for a significant other. Cylenian people believe that there is a Noën for everyone in the end.

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